Posted by: thomstrat | March 23, 2010

Documentation: Hard-Learned Lessons

Today we had someone in our home for a business transaction, and I had to leave him unattended for a few moments. After he left we realized that our digital camera is missing. We have no proof, of course, and we can’t even file a police report that would be much help. Why? We don’t know the serial number.

If we did, the police could add it to their database, which checks against reports from pawn shops each night for matches. We may not have been able to catch the guy, but there is at least a chance we could get back our camera and the priceless pictures on it.

Obviously even I have a gap between what I should be doing and what I DO do. There is always room for improvement.



  1. That’s something we don’t think about! We also are sometimes too trusting of strangers that come into our homes. Cameras are easy to slip into a pocket without being noticed. Do you have any instructions, etc., that came with the camera that might have a serial number on?

    • We looked for everything we still had, but nothing had the serial number on it. We’re usually pack-rats, but I think I may have finally thrown out the box it came in–we bought it nine years ago.

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