Posted by: taxidrivermom | July 2, 2010

Summer and Survival

It occurred to me a few years ago while we were packing all our camping stuff back into the garage:  We had just done a great survival drill and had fun at the same time!  I don’t know why, but until then I had never equated throwing a few clothes in a backpack, sleeping in a tent, and cooking without electricity to learning to survive in case of an emergency!  I had put our summer camping trips and all the equipment we used (lanterns, tents, camp stoves) into a totally separate compartment in my mind labeled FUN ONLY.

Since then I have realized that our camping lantern is GREAT when the power goes out in the house.  It gives off much more light than all the little individual flashlights I had been hoarding and the candles from the storage room!  (On a side note here, if you do store candles for emergency light, try not to get the scented kind.  Light up about 10 scented candles in various rooms and the smell suddenly becomes overpowering! 🙂 )  Our propane campstove, while it must be used upstairs or outside only for safety, is a great alternate means of cooking as is the outdoor grill we once only thought of using for summer evenings when it was too hot to cook.  Dutch oven cooking, if you can make space in your yard for it, is an excellent skill to develop.  Skilled cooks can even bake bread and cakes in a dutch oven.  Another cool thing:  kids who have been camping are probably much less likely to be frightened when the power goes out if Mom and Dad take the “Hey! This is like camping at home! Lets dig out the lantern and the card games!” attitude.

So, have lots of fun camping and cooking outdoors, and go ahead and invest in the camping equipment.  You never know when it could come in useful!



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