Posted by: taxidrivermom | July 12, 2010

July 11 — Featured Storage Items

If you have been following us for a couple of weeks and trying the “add a couple items to your shopping list” method of growing your food storage, this week’s feature items are:

sugar, baking powder, baking soda and at least 1 gallon of water

I have found that bulk sizes are often cheaper than the individual boxes/bags on these items, and can then be divided up into smaller containers (you can save empty peanut butter jars, etc. — but try not to get plastic ones that still smell strongly of what used to be in them even after they’re washed.)

Sugar can also be stored in 5-6 gallon buckets with a tight-fitting lid for long-term storage.  I actually keep a 5 gallon bucket of sugar (and other staples I use a lot) in my pantry with a lid that screws off and on.  The lid comes separately and just replaces the regular bucket lid — the outer ring snaps onto the bucket and stays there, and the center part of it screws out for easy access.  I have found them so far at WalMart and the Alison’s Pantry catalog.  If you know where else to find them, please let us know.  They come in bright colors that make it easier to tell what’s in the bucket.  I use these on my all-purpose and bread flour as well.  It saves wrestling the bucket lid every time I need a little.


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