Posted by: taxidrivermom | July 19, 2010

July 18th — Featured Storage Items

Our weekly series continues with a few more items for adding to our weekly grocery list to build a more balanced supply.  This week we are featuring non-food items, and some that not everyone will need to store.  Feel free to adapt this however you wish.

sanitary supplies, diapers, pet food, prescription medications if possible

Manufacturers of some of these items frequently offer coupons.  If you are a skilled couponer, you can often save some money on them especially if you aren’t too picky about the brand.  If you are not coupon-savvy, the very basic idea is to collect the coupons for the items you need, then watch for a sale or store coupon or both that you can combine with your collected coupons to reduce the price.  A few stores still offer things such as double coupon days or rounding up the value of a coupon to a dollar occasionally.

Are you an expert at using coupons to get items for “next-to-nothing”?  Do you have experience with getting a supply of your prescription medication built up ahead in case of emergency?  Please post your tips!


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