Posted by: Angela | April 3, 2011

Gardening Help for Dummies and Pro’s

I just found an awesome website called Mother Earth News. It helps you make a garden plan for vegetables or flowers or any of your landscaping needs. They give how to’s and tips on each plant and coordinate planting and harvesting times for you. There are articles about different gardening concerns and how to start as a beginner like me. You also get updates via  email reminding you of when to start planting each plant etc. Right now they are offering a 30 day trial without an automatic enrollment. That’s the first time I’ve seen that! The site did not ask for any personal information other than a zip code to assess my frost season. This is a site that can make a hard project easier for anyone planning on gardening this season or ever.  Also all plans are saved and  perennials show up on your plan automatically next year. The only draw back (if it can even be called that) is that I don’t have any idea how much a membership costs. Where you don’t have to pre-enroll, though, that can be found out in advance to subscribing. The web address is:



  1. I just looked again and the subscription costs $25 a year. Also I forgot to mention that you can categorize all your plants by actual variety and leave yourself notes about how well you liked the plant, what you did with it, tips for next season, etc. Super helpful!!! They have tutorials that teach you how to use the programs so you don’t just get pushed in sink-or-swim style. Very nice in every way that I’ve seen so far!

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