Posted by: taxidrivermom | September 29, 2013

Dallin’s E-mail — 9/23/13

Dear Family,

Thanks for all the stuff you sent me for my birthday it was fun. I was amazed that you were able to find so many golden objects to throw into the box. Whoever chose the tie did a good job, I wore it at a baptism the next day. Just wanted you all to know that I’m grateful.
Have a great Day
Elder Farnes

Dear Mom,

So Sister Milam Emailed me my departure itinerary. So I was looking at it and i couldn’t help but laugh. I’m spending almost twice as much time in the airport as I am in the air. Sea-Tac to SL Int. and then a 4 hour wait before I board a turbo-prop puddle jumper with 30 seats to Pocatello. I could probably get from Salt Lake back faster by bus. . . Anyways I think it’s funny more than anything. Maybe it means that our Salt Lake relatives will get to see me first seeing as I’m just going to be sitting there, maybe I should see If I can go explore the town. Either way I have plenty of time to get it all sorted out before we get there. So we will see. . .  In the meantime I haven’t forgotten why I’m here and I’m making it my first thought.
Elder Farnes

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